We want to make a mark on the map of art institutions in Krakow, while working and connecting with institutions and milieus nation and worldwide. Cooperating with and hosting artists, curators, collectors and all manner of art enthusiasts, we wish to become a crucible of creativity, a place where new narratives, dialogues, aesthetics are being developed.

In the wake of Thomas Mann’s words: “The apolitical does not exist –everything is politics”, we are equally interested in art focused on its aesthetic aspects, as in art that tries to be a voice in social and political debates.

We intend to cooperate with younger and older generations of artists, thereby constructing a multifaceted and diverse story of contemporaneity, not merely of contemporary art. Shefter Gallery aims to become a venue of artistic and curatorial experiment, where the process becomes a value equal to the end result.

The processuality of our activities will also enable our gallery to be forming a program that reacts dynamically to new problems and concepts, developed as much by its quotidian constructors as by a community that the gallery will engender.