Ewa Zarzycka

Fine artist known primarily for her spoken performances and written drawings. Champion of less, rather than more. A. Lachowicz’s student and a friend to Z. Warpechowski. Woman performance artist who’s lived and is still living in close relationship to Andrzej Partum’s, Jan Świdziński’s and Zofia Rydet’s art. Even if the title of one of her works confirms that “I Am Not Zofia Rydet”. Art mentor curiously devoid of didacticism who in order to maintain her artistic standing goes on tiptoes and wears high-heels.
She needs no shoes, nonetheless.

As she’s just Ewa. For “Ewa is Ewa, and that’s all”, Zbigniew Warpechowski concludes. Her artwork just cannot be carefully regarded without making her acquaintance. National art maker and a renowned lover of failures and doubts. She doesn’t only read, but also writes, so must be a theory-overladen cerebrity, not yet suffering from a conceptual ’dry-up’, however.
Here’s Ewa in Lanckorona, calling herself, no tongue in cheek, “an old lady enchanted with magical small towns”, while working on her exhibition.
She’s happy that it isn’t hard.
So do we.

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