Vala T. Foltyn

is a poetic choreographer, a post_trans witch, a queer shamaness, a high priestess of love as well as a political activist.

Vala is a transdisciplinary artist for whom art and life are one inseparable process. As a contemporary witch, she works in magic, poetry and choreography – which she terms – strategies of subtle resistance: “My magic has become primarily a political strategy and an artistic activity. I stopped differentiating the political from art, my body from the social body, the home from public space, the dance from performance art, the theatre from visual arts. My magic – or, rather, a choreography of magic – is my thinking, my being in the world, my revolution, my celebration and victory.

When I gave in completely to my intuition and emotions, I felt that here, precisely, my real womanhood opened, while a profound process of healing was beginning. Right there in the process, I saw myself: a real woman, a witch, a high priestess, a female saint and a divine female, but also a strong and independent She-Wolf.

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When I began to understand it, I surrendered to practices of self-love, self-pleasure, self-rapture, self-adoration, and I felt how tenderness and joy infused my body and mind, while emanating onto the whole world. I also knew that every act of intimacy unto which I surrendered was a shameless act of corrupting the world of gods, to whom I made love every night.
Being a witch is a choice of political identity, an identity which shall be spoken against…”

The Earth offered me solace, gave me the limitless space to pour out my tears, in which anger was intertwined with subtlety and poetry.
I believe that witches and high priestesses of love had always been occupied with subverting authority, they introduced chaos into a pre-existing reality, they drew holes into the mind of patriarchy, and infatuated those whom they wanted to govern. My witch’s might springs from my source, my vagina, my guts.

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