On other 90s

28.09.2018 18:00

Our first gathering around Ewa Ciepielewska’s exhibition
“I used to go to the ZOO to watch panthers…” will include a screening of the film record, “Holenderskie Ruskie”, shot in 1994 in the Bieszczady Mountains by the then 13-year-old son of the artist, Józef Siemieński. The film, documenting an opening of Ewa Ciepielewska’s exhibition, gradually transforming into a party, will be a springboard for our conversation about the nineties in Polish culture, about exhibition openings, social events, the first raves.

It might not be coincidental that, today, we are fascinated with the nineties and despite the obvious differences, many things connect the now with the period three decades ago. The current re-invocation of the 90s aesthetics might not only be an empty fetish, but arise from an experience of a similar insecurity and from similar anxieties. It holds true that then, as today, play becomes the best avenue of escape and a private form of protest.

conducted by: Kamil Kuitkowski, Ewa Ciepielewska

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