On other spiritualities

12.10.2018 18:00

A journey to alternate realities, psychedelia, new age, Buddhism, anthroposophy and other counter-cultural movements in the Western world were fully propelled into existence in the 1960s by the hippie movement. In Poland, they began to grow for good in the ‘90s, owing to changes in the political system and local moeurs.

Are constructing a private metaphysics and alternative communities merely effects of social change and the new individualism, is it an attempt to escape a petrified system, is it a protest against or an element of the conservative revolution?

What the search for one’s own spirituality in the 1990s was and what it means today will be the subject of our third gathering around Ewa Ciepielewska’s exhibition, “I used to go the ZOO to watch panthers…”

conducted by: Kamil Kuitkowski, Ewa Ciepielewska

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