Everyone just keeps waiting for something to fail because of him.

15-05 - 26-06-2021

Paweł Żukowski
opening 15.05.2021 (4.00-8.00 pm)
Curator: Agnieszka Gołębiewska

Exibit’s Parter: Risk made in Warsaw

Respect, but admit that he’s something of a problem. He’s a bit of a pain, but maybe we should leave him alone, you know.
‘Darling’ hanging from a balcony. Cardboard banners at demonstrations and cardboard banners-artistic manifestoes.
He’ll say: ‘I’ve fought for so long to be myself, I don’t have the strength to pretend I’m someone else.’
‘I’m still the same person.’
But who is he really?
When is he really himself and how much of himself does he give to us?

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Pressed white and blue shirts. ‘Pricks’ on football scarves.
But not everything is for sale.Is he courageous or does he just play it right?
‘A public medium.’Is he on a mission, or does he just lay it out skillfully?
The price is high.
His gestures are radical, but he really cares.
That’s why everyone just keeps waiting for something to fail because of him.He’s slowly becoming a myth. He’s a thorn in our side, he disturbs us, but we subconsciously feel that it makes sense.
We envy him his courage.
A famous Woman Writer will say that a few years from now these cardboard banners will sell at auctions for a lot of money.
She asks him if he’s afraid of that. No!Fine materials, thick lacquers, veneers from the 1960s. Dilapidated furniture from the time when there was no Ikea, but people already had their lives customized. Like today.
He will engrave them with slogans which may be quotations from the old world but are extremely current.
We’ll use them on barricades or see them at Christie’s auctions in a few years.
He will write words spoken at the funeral of a cult Actor on a wall.
Let everybody love him.

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