Green Pleasure

18-10 - 13-11-2020

Natalia Kopytko, Krzysztof Marchlak, Małgorzata Wielek-M

The exhibition is presented as part of the Cracow Art Week 2020

Opening (time window):
18 November 2020, 2-6 p.m

Curator: Agnieszka Gołębiewska

That’s how we remember it. It’s much better now. Yes, we admit, we didn’t hold back at all. There were absolutely no limits or moderation.

It started very quietly. And this is where we are.
From a feeling of want to a Baroque surfeit. Compulsively and compensatorily. A little possessively. Like a binge at a bakery after a gluten-free diet.

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This compensation is not supposed to make up for anything. It has long crossed all boundaries.
So what if it’s apparently just a defence mechanism that gives only momentary pleasure.
We decided to create our own Amazonia here anyway, unrestrained and unstoppable.
A shelter of green pleasures. It’s never enough.

Green Pleasure.
Let’s loose these winding roots, branches and grasses.
Let’s burst the interiors apart with sprouting shoots.
Let’s fill all the spaces with the Baroque splendour of nature.
With the sonorous movement of grasses. A wealth of shapes.
Vibrant colours like the ones under the eyelids after looking directly into the sun.
The substitute becomes the ultraversion.

When we finally leave here, is the nature in the paintings and photographs, all those objects-shoots, still lifes-installations resembling marzipan decorations, and the litter-like carpet made of stuffed toys – is all of it going to become autonomous, come to life and overgrow the room?

If it is, we can’t leave here anymore.
We missed it so much.
So we have created our own one.

Agnieszka Gołębiewska


Three friends find to their surprise that, during the pandemic lockdown, they are making objects which tell a similar narrative.
Natalia Kopytko, Krzysztof Marchlak i Małgorzata Wielek-M have created in the Shefter Gallery an environment that expresses their longing for nature. 
A substitute object of this longing eludes all control and bursts the interior apart.The artists will present an ultraversion of nature and show paintings, objects and installations, ceramic and material sculptures and photographs.

See artists:
Natalia Kopytko
Krzysztof Marchlak
Małgorzata Wielek-M

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