Soda Zen Resort

18-01 - 15-02-2020

Shefter Gallery welcomes the year 2020 with the motto of minimalism, harmony and purification. Sculptor and visual artist from Cracow, Kaja Pilch, presents her art installations and sculptures which create a garden or SPA-like environment in which you are invited to stroll.

The Japanese karesansui, the ‘dry landscape’ zen garden, is meant to expose subconsciousness not so much to objects as to the empty space between them. The space between is purified by the artist. Sculptures covered with the author’s mixture of soda purify the air and wood installations from eco-friendly, recyclable materials diffuse relaxing essential oils.
Minimalism and purity of form are to help find peace and harmony and modified gallery rooms are to support detox and relaxation.
A visit to the gallery is an experience for the body and mind. It is intended to relax, heal and at the same time be an aesthetic experience.

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We are burning and drowning. We need new solutions today. Kaja Pilch suggests redefining the approach to art. With an overabundance of everything, from artificially created needs, to waste dumps and sorting plants filled with intact materials, a reset option seems to be the most appropriate. As one Slovenian philosopher says, in order to think anew, you need desperation, despair and hopelessness. If we have already reached this point, then we can at least take a walk in the soda zen garden. Almost zero waste.
Both literally and in the symbolic sense, all of us (not only in Krakow) need purification. Join us for a walk and breathe.
The SPA agenda includes: detox, aromatherapy, pH equalization, allergen neutralization and soda surprises. It is all too much.

At the artist’s explicit request, paper invitations have been forgone.

Curator: Agnieszka Gołębiewska

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