Paweł Żukowski

Visual artist and activist. He constantly spoils people’s mood by ridiculing the culture of success and thematizing defeats, crises, diseases, fears and loneliness.

The materials used by him are pieces of cardboard and recently also planks from discarded furniture.Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of the Arts in Poznań, producer of fashion sessions and former section manager at magazines. Creator of the project Zjebane życie (Fucked-Up Life) and the Facebook fanpage Ponuro mi (I Feel Gloomy) about defeat, depression and unemployment.Author of many actions in public space, such as LGBT TO JA (LGBT Is Me), a protest outside the offices of Gazeta Polska, and the pandemic event DAMY RADĘ (We Will Make It); co-author of LIST (The Letter), an action against the postal-vote election.

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