Tomasz Szrama

A Polish-born artist who for the past 20 years has been living in Finland, easily switching between such disciplines as performance, video and photography, but since 2008 labouring in performance art; a participant in and an organiser of events, including UPROOTED – Fake Nations Festival (2013), Fake Finn Festival of Experimental Art (2011), Art Contact and New Art Contact in Helsinki (2005-2013), as well as a resident collaborator at the HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, will make his presence at the Marta Shefter Gallery habitually unprepared. Homework undone. He might attempt a suicide with the help of helium balloons or he might make his Harlequin-like appearance amidst the crowds on Floriańska street, tightly wrapped in plaster. Nobody can tell.
But as the Russians have it, and Marta Shefter Gallery is known to have been likened to Moscow oligarchs, he who does not risk never gets to drink champagne.

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