08-01 - 30-03-2018

“DŌ is a tale of travel. Of everything at all. Of the road and the trail. And of method. It is an exhibition by three artists who met in Paris. Tale of half-tones, greys, discrepancies and displacements that are born and die in a space where light goes on and off, until, ultimately, one arrives at a conviction that it cannot be otherwise, that everything, after all, is drowned in twilight.

Kate Van Houten arrives in Paris in autumn 1965. Takesada Matsutani arrives one year later through the First Mainichi Art Competition grant. And Aliska Lahusen gets there only in the late ‘70s. (…) Aliska Lahusen’s works, brought to an uttermost synthesis, become a palpable metaphor of silence, underscoring not only a summary of the form and the nature of material, but perhaps, primarily, some living sensuality. Her simple sculptural form, stripped of every overload, attracts the eye with a shining and glittering surface for reflexes of light to shade, the subdued light evoking ever more uncanny, nearly phantom, shapes. They exude a certain peculiar tenderness, a feeling expressed as much by a radical closure as by the apparent resilience and mobility of matter.”

The partner of our exhibition DŌ is Museum of Japanese Art and Technology – Manggha. On January 26, you can visit there “Confluence” exhibition, where will be exhibited works by Aliska Lahusen and Takesada Matustani. 

Curatorial Statement: Ania Batko
Curators: Kamil Kuitkowski, Lucyna Shefter, Ania Batko

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