Sofi Zezmer. Snapshots

16-09 - 04-11-2017

Sofi Zezmer’s exhibition test the limits of abstraction and modernist dreams of utopia realized as much as a it challenges the ‘thingness’ of things, evoking the fragility and transparency of matter, a linear structure and a jagged narrative of reality. Her pieces attract viewers’ attention with their formal expression, an elegant arabesque of pure lines and the rhythm of figures and vibrating shapes. They are a species of abstract-surrealist riddles, perception mirages suspended between satisfaction and melancholy, between longing and strictly formal explorations and, ultimately, they are an experience staged at the meeting point of the visible and the sensual. The artist divulges to us, with a clockwork precision, a microcosm which is a reflection of the impermanence and fluidity of the real world, as she countenances this inseparable quality of the subject-object relation. The titular Snapshots refer to engrams of memory and experience which, in spite of their emergence on a spur of the moment, do not disappear, but once recorded in our mnemonic repository, undergo continuous transformations.

Curatorial text: Ania Batko
Curators: Marta Błachut, Lucyna Shefter
Cooperation: Piotr Błachut

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