WetMeWild P115-1 U

22-03 - 17-04-2019

Apparently, flushing the toilet, as we do, with water, claims Slavoj Žižek, we enter the epicenter of ideology. The water, however, had been there before. As a commodity, a privatized and licensed resource. A product in a plastic bottle, certified with a corporate logo. One liter costs less than one zloty. The price includes a handful of minerals and several thousand molecules of polypropylene and nylon. Mermaid’s tears – microplastic that enters the bloodstream. And, further, into matter, soil and even air. It combines with plastic that has already been present there and releases new chemical compounds. It circulates in the guise of a fluctuating virus, producing plastispheres, debilitating processes and disrupting the economy. Particularly, the hormone economy, especially, in women. It counterfeits estrogen, but it is not it. It merely penetrates the already existing one. Simulating the work it contradicts.

P115-1-U is a world of proximate future. A laboratory, but also a slightly ambivalent boudoir belonging to a Slavic berehynia, who exists as if she was not. She might be a water-delivering water nymph, or a groaning apparition, not unlike that in J.K. Rowling’s novel, crying in the bathroom. A Slavic nymph spinning a tale of environmental degradation and of a drinking water crisis. She might take the guise of and might play with the mechanisms and aesthetics of global corporations. Quoting a not-her-own language gives her, in fact, a perverse pleasure. Even if she is slightly hurt by the subversion.

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She may be wet. Or dirty, or better still – have dirty thoughts. She likes taking bathroom selfies. In fact, she allows herself to be peeped, rather than being peeped. She is a performative ecosexualist, operating outside of clichés and social divisions. An allegory of the river, shamelessly pissed on by a boy from a Titian painting. An eroticized landscape full of holes and extensions. She has no body, hierarchy, gender or sex. But if she so chooses, she may borrow them.

You are what you eat. What you drink and what you breathe. You are a plastic child of capitalism. Pantone, the American corporation which has monopolized the color scale, will once more make reef the color of the year. Not adding, this time, that it was living. And no one will add that the reef was fading.

Curator: Ania Batko

/The exhibition is accompanied by Justyna Górowska’s performance, which will be held at the Shefter Gallery as part of the KRAKERS (Cracow Art Week), on Friday, April 12, at 19.30.
Your attendance will also be greatly appreciated on Sunday, April 14, around noon, at the Kultour, a guided tour of art galleries in Krakow. Welcome!/

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