27-01 - 17-02-2019

The Inuit have over 50 terms for snow. There’s the snow that sticks well into snowballs and there’s the snow which forecasts a snow-storm. In the Inuit language – as a matter of fact, similarly to any other language – a word is missing for snow of which it isn’t known that it is ‘snow’. ‘White’, ‘cold’, ‘fluffy’ ‘snow’. And it does happens that sometimes, for instance, after a volcanic eruption which has flooded the cerebral cortex, one might not know this.
“What’s this?” “A sloth.”
“What’s this?” “A plant.”
“What’s this?” “What?” “This.” “Do you mean the air?”
„An end is supposed to spell a beginning,” Anna Juszczak insecurely records in her notebook, a testimony of her return to the world, which due to the aphasiac lava stubbornly resists her attempts at its re-appropriation. The BADGOOD exhibition is a record of the beginning of a ‘second life’: the process of gradual regaining of thoughts, emotions and (verbal) senses. As well as encounters of the third kind, conversations with a penguins and invasions of imaginary bees.

Zofia Małysa

curators: Kamil Kuitkowski, Zofia Małysa

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