In my room

22-04 - 20-05-2018

“Born in Krakow in 1953, resident in Norway since 1979 and with education from four different countries, Barbara Czapran is an artist with a global perspective. She is a traveler. Ever since leaving Poland, she has often wondered where she belongs and searched for places where she feels at home. Barbara Czapran works with sculpture, drawing, mixed media and performance, and creates space – artworks with their own place in the world – with paper and paper-related materials.

Her exploration of the various papers’ capabilities and possibilities, the radiance and volume of the colors, is the red thread running through her art. The rooms in the Shefter Gallery constitute a comprehensive dynamic composition, and will be transformed into her temporary home in Poland during the exhibition. Collages made of colored cardboard and transparent paper, as well as paper and metal objects, Polish design furniture and painted wall panels, create a composite aesthetic whole while awakening reflections and emotions about what home is and what it means to belong to a place, or several places.”

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